Our Vision: Every student deserves a relevant and quality education that leads to employment

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Edukasyon.ph About Us

What We Do

Edukasyon.ph is the leading website in the Philippines for students to search & apply to both local and foreign schools (primarily senior high schools, colleges, universities and other training providers), as well as scholarships. We also provide advice to students in finding the right school for their dream career.

Our Story

Edukasyon.ph was founded by Henry Motte-Munoz in 2014 in Manila, Philippines after realizing that most Filipino students made educational choices with very limited information and support, which greatly contributed to high youth unemployment in the country. Passionate about solving this problem – largely attributable to low quality, relevance or affordability of higher education – Henry created the go-to, one-stop site that provides comprehensive information and advice for students to help them make the critical educational choice that will equip them for their dream career.

Our Mission

Edukasyon.ph empowers students by giving them choice, advice and convenience in finding the right school for their dream career.

Our Vision

For every student to get a quality and relevant education that leads to a career.

Meet Our Team

Edukasyon.ph Henry Motte-Munoz

Henry Motte-Munoz

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jerald Laparan Edukasyon.ph

Jerald Laparan

Office Manager
Riza Solis Edukasyon.ph

Riza Solis

Client Engagement Officer
Ken Hernandez Edukasyon.ph

Kenneth Hernandez

Graphic Designer
Camille Armas Edukasyon.ph

Camille Armas

Study Abroad Manager
Neil Divinagracia  Edukasyon.ph

Nathaniel Divinagracia

Business Development & Corporate Relations Manager
Gaze Kasilag Edukasyon.ph

Gaze Kasilag - Del Castillo

Product Development Manager
Daniel Macusi Edukasyon.ph

Daniel Macusi

Client Engagement Manager
Kervin Tan Edukasyon.ph

Kervin Tan

UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer
Joma Minoza Edukasyon.ph

Joma Minoza

Junior Back-end Developer
Anthony de Guzman Eduaksyon.ph

Anthony de Guzman

Chief Operating Officer
Jay Tanwangco Eduaksyon.ph

Jay Tanwangco

Coordinator for Government Relations
January Collamat Eduaksyon.ph

January Collamat

Digital Marketing
Cara Wilson Eduaksyon.ph

Cara Wilson

Head of Partnerships & Marketing
Daisy Padilla Eduaksyon.ph

Daisy Padilla

Front-end Developer
Kara Klecheski Eduaksyon.ph

Kara Klecheski

Partnerships Coordinator
Jam Pilarca Eduaksyon.ph

Jam Pilarca

Study Abroad Coordinator

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