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“Both parents & students can discover different options via their account on the portal, which features information about UA&P’s 6-Year PROGRAM, events, admissions, enrollment announcements, scholarships and qualification requirements.” f
Beng Calma Alcazaren
Marketing Consultant – UA&P

“Edukasyon is an avenue that will allow users to see local and international opportunities available for students… especially since the internet has become an important hub for those who wish to explore various educational opportunities - the establishment of as a platform is something that we welcome.”
Ellice Bucog
Marketing Officer - SoFA Design Institute

"The online registration is a big help to facilitate our student enrollment and so many more can know about Punlaan."
Kai Enabatar
Admissions & Marketing - Punlaan School

“ is a great career development tool to use for students, professionals, career/guidance counselor and parents, it is a good compass to use as a guide for searching and/ or clarifying future career moves.”
Maria Teresa D. Jose
RGC, Head – Career & Placement Office, DLS-CSB

“ can complement our marketing efforts because parents can now inquire about our school online. Having an online application facility through will greatly help us reach more parents and students.”
Delna Moralita
Prinicipal - Good Shepherd Christian School

“We are one with in assisting our youth to prepare for their future by helping them make informed decisions on their career and school choices. With all the information that can be made available to them, they may broaden their options and be able to choose a career that best suits their interests, strengths, and inclinations, and find the educational institutions that offer these courses.”
Bambi Fernandez De Castro
Business Development Officer – ISCAHM

“ helped me a lot in providing effective career guidance to our Grade 10 students in selecting their SHS tracks. I’m happy that they have clearer insights now in choosing the right career where they are most likely to succeed.”
Tess Custodio
Principal – Doña Teodora Alonzo High School

“Having different media platforms as an avenue is an important tool considering almost every student and parent can easily be reached with just the click of a button.’s services will play a vital role in building our client base. We also expect a fast turn-around in terms of updates and responding to inquiries in real time.”
Rose Landicho
VP for Institutional Marketing & Corporate Communications - FAITH (First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities)

“…We’re thrilled to collaborate with on cooking up creative ways in building capacity of teachers and guidance counsellors. When making life decisions such as selecting which degree to take or what employment opportunities to pursue, students need guidance and motivation from all teachers, not just guidance counsellors.”
Gerson Abesamis
Co-Founder – Habi Education Lab

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