• Which one should I apply for?

  • Academic scholarship

    Academic scholarships are usually related to academic performance but these can also be awarded to an applicant displaying artistic talents or any extracurricular activities involvement or both.

    Full Scholarships

    Most universities and colleges offer full scholarships to high school graduates who scored at least 95 % in the school’s entrance examination or who graduated at the top of the graduating class. It usually covers the tuition fee plus the student’s other miscellaneous expenses such as dormitory, living allowance/stipend, book allowance and the like. Some institutions, however, only pay for the basic tuition fee, so you should always double check the terms and exact coverage of the scholarship.

    Partial Scholarships

    This type of grant is usually given to students who scored 90-94% in the school’s entrance examination and to the salutatorians of a graduating class. It covers half of the total tuition fee amount as well as 50 % of the value of the other benefits that the full scholars enjoy. Some institutions only cover basic tuition, so you should always double check the terms and exact coverage.

  • Merit Scholarship

    Graduates who have served as presidents in the student council or any major organizations, team captains in the varsity team or official in the Sangguniang Kabataan are eligible for this scholarship.

    Athletic Scholarships

    This type of scholarship is awarded to outstanding school athletes. The scholarship may cover all or part of the tuition and may also include monthly stipend, since being a student-athlete is a full-time job. The grant varies depending on the terms of the scholarship. Some schools require the athlete to maintain certain grades, while others require consistent excellent athletic performance in college.

    Corporate Scholarships for Student Leaders

    Corporations and civic organizations offer scholarships to graduates who have potential leadership skills after finishing high school. Information on the type of scholarship are available at the Office of the Student Affairs in the institution you are interested in enrolling in.

    Other Types of Scholarships

    • Vocational Scholarships
    • Military Scholarships
    • Scholarships for Children of Government Employees
  • Am I qualified for one?

  • Eligibility Requirements

    All scholarships have certain requirements that the applicants need to submit to attest their academic excellence, economic background and other personal data.


    To qualify for a full or partial academic scholarship, applicants often should belong to the upper 10% of the graduating class or scored very high in the school’s entrance examination.

    Family's Annual Gross Income

    An applicant’s family’s annual gross income is often placed into consideration to determine who among the applicants deserve to be given the scholarship. Students belonging to families with below P100 thousand annual income are usually considered for full scholarships, on top of other eligibilities and based on the type of grant being given.


    Scholarships specify an age requirement, and applicants who are within the set age range will be eligible to apply.


    Scholarships being offered by local and private colleges and universities are only given to Filipino students.

    Outstanding Athlete Performance or Exceptional Talent/Skills

    Athletic and Special Talent scholarships usually require the applicant to take a performance test.

  • Application Process

    Application Form

    The first step in applying for a scholarship is filling up the application form. You will need to submit and secure the form to the office of the school or organization offering the scholarships for them to process your application.

    Supporting Documents

    All information given in the application should be supported by official documents obtained from one’s high school, government offices or community organization.

    Certificate of Good Moral Character

    Applicants should not only excel academically but should also show exemplary behavior. A certificate of good moral character is required and should be secured from the applicant’s Alma Mater.


    Most institution require the applicant to submit an essay to determine the student’s motivation, purpose/goals of the grant and value of the scholarship on the student’s career development.


    Ability to submit the applications ahead of the deadline is to test the applicant’s work habits, sense of time and responsibilities.

  • Where do I find them?

  • Edukasyon.ph

    Our portal lists more than 2,800 scholarships from different organizations across the archipelago and our partner countries abroad. You can either search for the scholarships available at the school you are applying to, or for those available within the career you are considering.

  • Government

    Some government agencies offer scholarships to deserving high school graduates and college students who meet specific requirements. They also extend financial assistance to students belonging to marginalized and low- income families. Some of the government offices that offer scholarships and financial assistance are Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

  • Charitable Institutions

    Some charitable institutions and non-profit organizations in the country also offer scholarships and educational assistance to students. They usually cater to students belonging to the poorest families and provide assistance until the recipient completes the degree or could be renewable based on the scholarships’ terms. Some of the organizations offering this type of scholarship are Megaworld foundation, ABS-CBN Foundation, ERDA Foundation and Aboitiz Charity Foundation. You can check this link to view the list of charitable institutions: ( http://www.katig.com/foundations.html ).

  • Corporate Foundations

    Many large companies and corporations sponsor scholarships and these usually have large foundations that are completely separate from the corporate entity. The majority of these corporate scholarships are offered to high school graduates, but there are some open to graduate students and returning students. Some of the companies providing scholarships are Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Metrobank Foundation, SM Foundation and San Miguel Corporation. You can check this link to view the list of corporate foundations: ( http://www.lcf.org.ph/ ).

  • How to survive on a tight budget

  • Kuripot tips for Scholars

    The struggle of students in budgetting their money is real. Although some of them who are enjoying scholarships receive a monthly stipend, a lot are still having a hard time managing their finances.Here are some of the tips you can do to stretch your tight budget in surviving each week of your life in college:

    Create a Weekly Meal Plan

    Be wise and creative in setting your meal plan by choosing affordable yet nutritious food that will surely make you feel full the entire day.Usually, there are a lof of small canteens outside the university offering budget meals that can be as low as Php 45 which already includes a good serving of rice, meat viand, veggies for side dish and a cup of soup. You may also try banana cue, taho or whatever affordable merienda in between meals to keep your energy until the end of the day.

    Set a Spending Limit

    You need to plan your budget for the week by allocating your allowance and setting your spending limit. Make sure to always prioritize your budget for food and limit your miscellaneous expenses as much as possible. If you are living in a dorm near your school, a budget of Php 150 a day should do covering all of your meals and merienda. If you will have unforseen expenses, make sure to adjust your spending limit for the next days so you can strech your allowance until the end of the week and to avoid going over your planned weekly budget.

    Keep a Simple Lifestyle

    Joining excessive parties and weekend night outs with friends will badly hurt your budget. Make sure to go with them if you have the extra money to spend without compromising your allowance for the following week. Instead of joining them in luxurious parties, you can instead explore your school's freedom park, eat affordable finger food/streetfood and enjoy good conversations with them. You will surely have a good time without spending a lot.

    Secondhand Materials are Good Buys

    Instead of buying a new book or photocopying handouts that you need for your classes,you can ask your friends who already took up those classes if they have kept theirs. You may ask them if you may buy or rent the materials for a much cheaper price or better if they may lend it for free for the whole semester.

  • Part-Time Job

    If you have a lot of free time and your class schedule permits you, you may want to consider applying for a part-time job. There are a lot of opportunities for tutors of gradeschool and high school students in all subject areas as well as online English tutors for international students. Generally, you will be paid for Php 150 - Php300 per hour for a maximum of 4 rendered hours each day. The amount you will earn will definitely help you in paying your educational and living expenses in college.